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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Std.10 English-U(I)-Ch(1)- Vanka - Summary and Sample TM by Parvathy Venkiteswaran

Dear all,
             Regular visitors of English Blog are familiar with the name Parvathy Venkiteswaran. She is excellent at preparing quality study/teaching materials for our Kerala State Syllabus. The post of English Blog this year is by her for students of Std.10 English. It is the summary of Vanka the first chapter in SSLC English Text Book 2016. She has also included a lesson plan of the same chapter with necessary exercises.

Parvathy Venkiteswaran
Samooham HS, North Paravoor


  1. have taken the same material from another website...y did you copy?

  2. English Blog does not copy from other blogs / websites. We are here since 2011. Others of course copy from us