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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Phrasal Verbs - Collection by Akhil Suma Shivarajan

SSLC English - Worksheets on various grammatical terms for SSLC by Mahmud K.

Dear Sir,

Here are some worksheets with answer keys for the SSLC students on various grammatical terms such as:
1.      Active and Passive Voice.
2.      As soon as/No sooner … than/hardly…when/scarcely…when.
3.      Conditional Sentences.
4.      Direct and Indirect/Reported Speech.
5.      Enough (Usage)
6.      Had better.
7.      Tag questions.
8.      The more…the more.
9.      Would rather.
10.  Question Formation.

Thanks and regards,
Mahmud K.
IAEHSS, Kottakkal, Vatakara.

Std.10 English-U(IV)-Ch(2) - The Book That Saved the Earth - Revision by Jisha K.

Std.10 English-U(IV)-Ch(1) - The Scholarship Jacket - Revision by Jisha K.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Std.10 English-U(V) - A Worksheet for Practicing Reported Speech by Libin K. Kurian

Here is a worksheet which consists of certain questions on reported speech based on Unit 5, Class 10. Hope it will be useful for the students in their preparation for SSLC exam 2018. 

Thanks and regards,

Libin K. Kurian

Sunday, February 04, 2018

SSLC English-U(III)-Ch(1) - The Best Investment I Ever Made - Revision by Jisha K.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

SSLC 2018 - Model Question Paper with Answers by Mahmud K.

Preparing for SSLC 2018 English Examination
Model Question paper (QP1)
Here is a Model Question paper taken from the SCERT Question Pool for the SSLC students. All the answers, including various discourses, have been provided herewith to assist the students in their learning and practicing. I sincerely hope that this will be beneficial to all students, who are in stringent exam preparations, to have a model before their real Model Examinations begin.
Thanks and regards,
Mahmud K, 

IAEHSS, Kottakkal, Vatakara

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mobile App versions of SCERT English Question Pool for English Grammar...

Dear all,

Mr. Pramod N. Murthy, HSA Maths of TSNM HS Kundurkkunnu Malappuram, has always surprised us with innovative ideas. Whether it be Gambas or Mobile Apps he always tries to incorporate SCERT syllabus and its study materials into it and above all he shares it with the students and teachers who follow Kerala syllabus in Kerala, Lakshadweep and Gulf countries.

Thank you sir for this latest mobile apps.

Kudos to your students Meera. M.P, Chandni.T, Divya. K.C and  Indira Priyadarshini who made this a success.

The downloadable google drive links of the .apk files of English Question Pool by SCERT designed by ENGLISH CLUB, TSNMHS
Kundurkunnu, Malappuram.

2. Phrasal Verbs
5.Interpreting Data
6.Reported Speech
7.Unfamiliar Passage
8.Construction of Sentences

Saturday, January 13, 2018

SSLC 2018 - English - Using Language Elements - by Mahmud K.

Preparing for SSLC 2018 English Examination
Using Language Elements
Here are some worksheets on various Language Elements which are often sure-shot in the SSLC examinations. The questions are from the SCERT Question Pool and the Orukkam 2017. Answers to all the questions and explanatory notes, wherever it felt relevant and required, have been provided. Students can practise answering on their own and evaluate their answers with the answer keys provided herewith.

Download the worksheets:

 Thanks and regards,
Mahmud K,
IAEHSS, Kottakkal, Vatakara.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

SSLC English 2018 - Analysis of Textual Passages and Poems by Mahmud K.

Here are some analytical questions based on passages and poems in the English textbook for Std. X and their answers. Students can try to answer on their own and evaluate their answers referring to the answer keys provided herewith.

Download the questions and answers lesson-wise :












Thanks and regards,
Mahmud K.
 IAEHSS, Kottakkal, Vatakara.

Sunday, December 31, 2017


SSLC Ourkkam 2017 - English

SSLC 2017 - ENGLISH - DCE Tvm - Adapted Resource Material for the Empowerment of Scholastically Backward Students

SSLC English-Second Terminal Evaluation 2017-18 Model Question Paper By Mahmud K.

SSLC English - Worksheets on various grammatical terms for SSLC by Mahmud K.

An application to practice the Language Element questions from ORUKKAM-2017 by Pramod N. Moorthy 

SSLC English - Ensure 4 marks in SSLC - Phrasal Verbs

List of Phrasal Verbs - by Nithin Thamarassery

Phrasal verbs with go

Phrasal Verbs and 101 examples of Onomatopoeia

Std.10 English - Lesson Plans by Leena Pradeep 

SSLC Unit I - Chapter I - Vanka - Question Bank

English Blog-Std.10 English-U(I)-Ch(1) -Vanka - Revision by Jisha K.

Std.10 English-U(I)-Ch(2) -The Snake and the Mirror - Discourses by Jisha K.

Std.10 English-U(I)-Ch(2)- The Snake and the Mirror - Sample Questions by Prasanth P.G.

Std.10 English-U(I)-Ch(1 & 2)-Presentation - Vanka & Snake and the Mirror - by Thankachan Kulapallil 

Std.10 English-U(I)-Ch(4) -Mother to Son - Comprehension Questions by Javed

English Blog-Std.10 English-U(I)-Ch(4) -Mother to Son by Jisha K.

English Blog-Std.10 English-U(I)-Ch(4) - Mother to Son - Revision by Jisha K.

Std.10 English-U(I)-Ch(3 & 4)-Girl's Garden & Mother to Son - Appreciation by Jisha K.

Std.10 English-U(III) - Worksheet on Reported Speech by Libin K. Kurian

Std.10 English-U(IV)-Ch(1) - The Scholarship Jacket-Simple Narrative by Manoj Sir

Std.10 English-U(IV)-Ch(1) - The Scholarship Jacket-Martha's Speech by Manoj sir

Std.10 English-U(IV)-Ch(1) - The Scholarship Jacket - Narrative by Jisha K.

Std.10 English-U(IV)-Ch(1) - The Scholarship Jacket - Summary by Jispon Jacob

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Std. 8 English - Question Bank prepared by Std.8 A of St.Thomas HSS Erumely

Dear all,

My students of Std.8A and I came up with a novel idea of doing the revisions in a useful way. They, in groups, discussed and prepared a collection of diaries, letters, character sketches, editing exercises, phrasal verb collection, language exercises etc. While they were doing it I expressed my interest in publishing their question bank through English Blog. They became very happy and started doing it more sincerely. 

They corrected each other's mistakes, polished and chiseled the answers and found time to get it typed using the computer lab.

Please note that this is a students' work and not complete in any manner as a study material. This is just an example of how students will become self motivated to do revisions if they have a specific motive before them.

Collection of Possible Diaries
Collection of Possible Letters
Collection of Possible Conversations

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Templates of Composition Articles and their Specimens

Dear Sir,
Here are templates of various composition articles such as formal and informal letters, diary entry, narrative, speech, profile, notice, review, write-up, profile etc. and their specimens as well. I believe that these models will help students in improving their own writing skills.

Templates of Composition Articles and their Specimens

Thanks and regards,
Mahmud K,
IAEHSS, Kottakkal, Vatakara